Happy Easter!

So today its Easter Sunday! The official Easter day! I hope you all have  plenty of eggs to enjoy and that your holiday is a good one!

To me, easter is one of those holidays that I never think about until its upon me. I remember as a child that mum always used to decorate the house with yellow and beautiful eggs everywhere. Now, one year I would really like to start doing that too and keep that tradition. However, I do not own a single Easter decoration and this year we couldnt really afford to buy any. But we “harvested” our eggs early this year, so that we’ve got : ) I would have made some easter munchies, but without an oven its quite difficult! I did however try myself on some home made marshmallows, which came out a bit funky. But Lewis liked them anyway!

I still cant get over the english easter eggs. They must have different easter bunnies to Norway. In England easter eggs look like this:

Two for each of us and the little Milkybar egg for Jacob! A big thanks to my parents-in-law for four of those eggs!

And inside each box there is a chocolate egg wrapped in foil and a sweet.

Now I think its because I grew up with Norwegian eggs that I prefer them. This is a norwegain egg:Eggs made of cardboard and decorated easterly, filled with whatever you like. Usually pick and mix. These cardboard eggs get used every year and they can also vary in size!

We have decided that for next years easter we’ll try and go one better than both of these eggs. We’re going to buy a mould for making your own chocolate egg and fill that with pick and mix! (if we remember *laughs*)

Anyway, I again want to wish you all a HAPPY EASTER! Even if for some Easter was yesterday! In the UK we celebrate the Easter Sunday as our main day.

Happy happy Easter and good egg eating!


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