Easter Holidays!

Easter is now sadly over. It was lovely having the husband home for both the friday and the monday, but all good things must come to an end, and now it has.

But even if we didnt have a traditional easter, we still had loads of fun! Lewis’s mother was supposed to pick him up on friday and have him till today, but she called and cancelled. Due to that her ex-boyfriend had a new girlfriend and she needed to get her head around it. Nice to know that the ex’s new GF is more important than her firstborn. But hey, then we got to do loads of fun stuff with Lewis instead!

Friday, after the Cow comfirmed she would not be having Lewis we went to Primark and bought the boys some new summer clothes, me a new swimming costure and some bits and pieces. I LOVE my new swimming costume! Its black and has two strappes that goes around your neck with a silver (well silver coloured metal) hoop on each strap. My old swimsuit was finally naffed, after alot of wear.

And then we went swimming in the Guildford Spectrum! Sadly I didnt get any pictures, 1 – because my phone and water is a bad combination and 2- people have a fit today if you try and take pictures of kids in the swimming pool. I mean, you could be a pedofile or use the pictures for similar sort of purpose. Of course.

I could not find any picture that does the pool justice, but they have some brilliant baby/kids area’s, two or three water slides. An olympic size pool, a quiet pool, a Wave area, bubble baths, a bubble pool, thousands of showers (like in the photo).

It was brilliant! Lewis and Lister was all over the place, I dont think I saw them for the first 45 minutes *laughs* Me and Jacob spent some time in the large bubblepool, it was very much like a bubble bath/jacuzzi, whatever you want to call it. Jake loved the bubbles! Every half hour they have a Wave going, basicly just a wave-machine making large waves. Me and Jake stayed at shallow ground, so Jacob could experience the waves as well while Lewis and Lister was smack bang in the middle of it. It was really great fun, we’re going to go back at some point!

Saturday we werent planning on doing much, besides going to get some dogfood from Pets at Home. We ended up spending alot more time there than expected, because they had snakes, spiders, scorpions, a komodo dragon related Lizard (cant for the life of me remember the name) and a pet skunk! The skunk was adorable, I think his name was Pepe. His owner said he was like a very exotic cat! All three of us (Jake was in the buggy totally oblivious to anything but the new balls we picked up for Molly) totally fell in love with the snakes, they had three different ones. Lewis was all about holding and petting every single of the reptiles (that they would let out. They kept the spiders and scorpi in their tanks)

When the guy gave the snake for Lewis to hold, Lewis put it around his neck and said “Dad, take a picture!” This snake is a corn snake. They also had a HUGE snake they called Big Bob *laughs*

Sunday was the official Easter day! Easter Sunday! So we chucked the easter eggs at the kids and let them at them! It was the first time for Jacob, never having seen an easter egg before.

Nice scratchy egg in basket!

Wondering if the egg is edible.

Yup, very nom nom!

I was itching to make some lovely easter food, like cakes and roasts and and…yeah. Seeing as that was not possible, me and the husband decided to make sweets instead!

Lister was going for a chewy toffee. He didnt follow a recipe, he called it make-it-up-as-you-go-along. *laughs* It turned out very nice!

I went for a light crack toffee, following a recipe called Simple Toffee. And it was SO simple! and SO good! It tastes like Daim! I will so make this again. I learned that it tastes better if its thin rather than thick. I think i need to aim for it to be half a cm thick. Oh and the more chocolate you put on top, the better! I really want to try this recipe out with some salted peanuts as well. This toffee could also make a great cake topper! I really cant WAIT to get my oven working so that I can start cooking properly again!

I hope you had a wonderful and lovely Easter! I know we did. Shame its over, but like I said, all good things must come to and end – or else they wouldnt seem so good next time!


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