Proper bitey-mite now!

Yesterday Jacob was 8 months! Time seems to go quicker every week and he is now proper loving food!

I had him weighed on Thursday and he now weighs 18 lb 13 1/2 oz. (8.55 kg) I have now finally moved all his 6-9 clothes into his draws, even if the baby grows are still much to big! *laughs*

However, yesterday we made the discovery that he’s got a tooth coming through! Who knew? He’s been perfectly normal, I had no idea until I stuck my finger in his mouth just because I was curious. It on his right side and we can just see the top of it (and feel it!) I really hope it continues like this, I would hate for him to have a hard time with teething. Everyone else seem to be in so much pain and I feel for them so much! I think I’m going to go an pick up some teething gel/powder anyway, so that I’m prepared if he suddely wakes up one night in agony. Does anyone have any suggestions to which ones are good?

The past month looked like this:

Is already loving the pc, just like his daddy!

Being a little sausauge – as always!

Mmm, hitting the youghurt hard!

And harassing the cat! (dont worry the cat was there by his own will and was not harmed during this incident, lol)

Jacob’s first encounter with a duck. She very much liked his chocolate biscotti. I kept telling him it was called “Duck” but he seemed to want to call it “Aah-waahwah!” (prounounced very loudly, like shouting with arms and legs waving in all directions)

Taken today – Attempting to play the keyboard. However I think Jacob is more suited for drums, atleast by the way he was going at it.


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