0-1 to me!

You never appreciate hot water as much as when you’ve been without for a while and then get it back! ♥

Yesterday, karma, faith, God – or something like that, gave me and Lister the chance to get back at our neighbours. It was really funny – I’m still laughing!

Dont get me wrong, our upstairs neighbours are some of the worst neighbours you could have. Incedibly noisy (like loud music till 3am), very messy – leaves rubbish everywhere outside and all over our side of the garden. Leaves pushchairs, kids toys, furniture ect stood out front of our joined path. I dont have problem with people not cutting their grass or hedge religiously every weekend – cause heck, we dont do it. We’ve tried to talk to them – or Her rather. Shes got a new boyfriend every couple of months. Last time we got told to fuck off back to where we came from or they would thump us one. So when this very rare opportunity presented itself I was gloating!

Yesterday when we got home from picking Lewis up from school Lewis made the discovery that our rubbish bin was full – which I thought was very weird since it was emptied on monday. When I went to have a look someone had filled it up with two carrier bags and one HUGE mothercare bag. All full of kitchen waste and nappies. Joy. Of course I knew who it was, but I did not want a confrontation so I decided that when it got dark I was going to take it out of our bin and leave it on their doorstep.

However when Lister came home from work he went straight out and dumped it back in their bin – which was already full to the brim btw. (The bin men refused to pick her bin up because she’d overfilled it. They have a rule, if the lid has a gap more than 3 inches they wont pick it up.) But that is not at all my problem. We all struggle with the bin only being emptied every 2 weeks – tough shit basically.

Anyway, about 5 minutes after Lister came back in the house, we had a knock on the door. There was her boyfriend with this big, tough frown on his face. Demaning that we remove our rubbish from their bin. Lister, acting very nice and suprised says he’s sorry but that we just assumed it was their rubbish. The BF continues to deny it, so Lister walks him over to their bin and opens the lid.

“So nr 49  isnt you?”

“Oh, err – yeah. Sorry mate. Someone probably up it in the wrong bin”

“Yeah, of course” *smiles sweetly*

OWNED! Seriously!! They are clever enough to dump their rubbish in our bin, but not smart enough to remove any evidence – like letters with their name and address on it. *facepalm* The BF went sulking back into the house, no tough attitude anymore.

I just couldnt stop laughing. I hadnt actually seen the mail in the trash with their details on it, but Lister did. And he deliberately left that bag on top in their bin so if it came to any trouble he had proof. NOT OUR FKING RUBBISH! Nice bloody try. I’m still sat here laughing and gloating. I’m SO sick of their rubbish in our bin, for that was not the first time. We can overlook one bag every now and then, but when they’ve got the nerve to fill it to the brim – that’s taking a piss. I’m going to laminte a sign and tape it on the bin saying something like “Do you live in nr 51? No? Then dont put your rubbish in here either.” I thought of something more rude as well, but I dont want it to become hostile. However, yesterday I was ready to feed it back to them trough their letterbox.

Over to something else – me and Jacob went to baby group today. That was nice!

It’s always oinking it down with rain these days, but the sun was poking out for a second when I took this pic!

Typical Jacob!

On the way home, my little smarty-pants managed to pull his hat down. Seriously he’s not asleep, he just cant get it back up.

Oh, I’ve also managed to get a picture of The Tooth!

The Tooth! I’ve decided to try and snap a pic every now and then – see the growing process!


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