Birthday Party!

Today we threw a birthday party for Lewis! Tomorrow is his 10th so we thought we’d do something special for him.

There was a Haribo cake, sweets, lemonade, 120 sausages (cocktail ones), balloons, nachos and mad boys! And not to mention loads of pressies!

Great having whirlwind hands when you want to open your presents quickly! *shred!*

Amongst loads of birthday cards from relatives Lewis got a DS from us with games, a helicopter and three simpsons seasons from nanny and grandad, a spooky stories book, a watersquirter, a £5 note, a build-a-lego-car and one of those towel/cloths you put in water and they expand and a grow-a-crystal-tree. (that I can think of the top of my head – there’s probably more, lol)

Jacob had great fun with the balloons!

Even if they are the same size as him, lol



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