And then there was two!


Yeah, the 2nd tooth has broken through! It did a few days ago actually, but I’ve been so very busy. I’m now looking after two babies instead of one, and as we all know, babies takes alot of time and attention.

Because of the now two teeth I felt the need to buy Jacob a toothbrush. Already have two packs of baby toothpaste that I got from the Bounty packs a few months back. Baby toothbrush! Was chuffed about the price too, 80 p!

See! Two toothypegs! ♥

Jake thought the toothbrush was a funny animal!

But he got the idea in the end. Even if there are no teeth upstairs yet *giggles*

We also have finally got Jacob a highchair! This is obviously 2nd hand, but new its £60-70 and I found it for £8 : ) It has six hights settings, two tilt backward settings and the white tray is also detachable. Its all been wiped down with sterilising fluid and I’ve also washed the straps in the washing machine. Jake loves the chair! ♥

Got a double buggy going for Jacob and Alfie. They are so sweet in it, always holding each others hands. I couldnt resist taking this picture, both so comfortably asleep! ♥


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