The third musketeer!

The “musketeer” in this case is a tooth. Yeah, another one!

I cant really believe that in less than a month Jake has managed to get his first tooth and two more! This is the funny one tho, its not a “normal” tooth coming through, they usually get their bottom teeth first and then the “rabbit” teeth. But Jake’s third tooth is his right “canine” tooth! Its SO cute! Or creepy, depending how you look at it.

One, two and three!

This one is probably just creepy, lol

I’m just one of those stupidly excited parents who takes pictures of everything. Wait a few years and I bet there will be some pictures of toothloss as well. *laughs*

Well actually, I’m not feeling too great lately. Life always seem to throw one problem after another at us and I feel really tired. Not because of lack of sleep, I get plenty of that. But I feel tired inside. Like in my soul or heart.  Last week I broke our washingmachine. Poor old thing. I decided to really clear up in the washpile and did about 3 washes a day. After four days of that abuse it tripped the fuse in the kitchen and went shut off for the last time. Great huh. Now the washing is just piling back up and the bigger the pile gets the worse my mood gets. I hate that its always washing everywhere. Not can we afford to buy a new one either, atleast not until next month. New tax disc for the car and MOT are quite expencive. My poor husband is going into work at 6 am everyday doing overtime to try and keep the household togheter.

I also managed to run three flat tyres on the double buggy. Its 2nd hand so they arent brand new, but still. Last week it was the two back wheels and yesterday it was the front one. Either I’m just having some serious shitty luck or I run over invisible glass. But everyone elses wheels seems fine. So now I have to fork out £40 for three new tyres and innertubes, because my friend cant afford to pay for them. Its either that or I have to carry Jacob in his harnes on my back, back and forth to the school, which I have to do anyway until we get the tyres fixed. It is a total kill! I tell you, that child is getting heavy!

I.break.everything. *Sad face*

Oh and there might be some problems with the kitchen and the cooker. They were going to knock out the walk-in cupboard in the kitchen, but now they have to make sure its not a supporting wall. If it is, I can kiss my beautiful cooker goodbye. That I’ve never used. Its too late to return it, and if we sell it we’re probably only gonna get half, if not less, back of what we payed for it in the first place. And then we’re still without a cooker. Thats another thing thats getting to me. We’re on out fifth month without a cooker. There is so many things I cant cook and have to use the microwave for things instead. And that means more money, which we dont have.



Jake has three teeth! Yay : )


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