Baby Jacob and the Daisy’s!

I try to save the nicest pictures that I take (well I think) of Jacob for my monthly “Happy “?” Months Jacob”-post, but sometimes I take some that I just really want to share! Like today.

We went to nanny and grandad today, which we usually do on sunday, but do to sertain things we decided today would be a good day. And its been such nice weather! Its been sunny with clouds, but so nice and warm. We even had out dinner outside in the lovely sun and their lovely new garden furniture.

I decided it was time to introduce Jacob properly to Grass and the Daisy’s!

This is perhaps my favourite picture of him today and probably ever! ♥

“Mum, grass feels so funny..”

And then the hat got left behind.. *chuckles* Jacob loved all the pretty Daisy’s.

Baby toes! ♥

The sun today did me wonders. No wonder people is so depressed, we need sun! ♥ I feel loads better, gotta love that vitamin D!

Was also going to mention I had chubby-chubb’s weighed on Thursday. He’s now 20lb and 1oz! (9.11 kg) ♥


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