9 months!

Today Jacob is 9 months! Its really hard to believe I’ve had him for almost as long as I carried him. (He was 9 days over due). It feels long, but not compared to the pregnancy!

And speaking of pregnacy’s, everyone seems to be pregnant! I know atleast 7 people,at the top of my head, thats pregnant. And in a way I’m kind of jealous, lol, but I’m not sure why. Its not like I miss all the aches and pains, not being able to eat/drink this and that, and on top  of all, having to be so damn careful about everything I do. I’m used to use and abuse my body but when pregnant you’re not allowed.

Its not like I really want another baby either. The only reason that I’d have another one, is if I was guaranteed a girl. But we dont have the space or the money to have another. We talked about it and we both decided we needed to have a bigger place and both in full-time jobs, so that we could have proper maternity and paternity leave. We also decided that when Lister passes 40, our time is up. Part of the reason for that is that my father was 42 when he had me, so when I turned 18, he turned 60. I believe part of the reason that we never got along very well when living together was that the age gap was too big. The older you get, the less patient you get, especially with kids. (Unless you’re my wonderful mother-in-law).

So that gives us 6 years. Really I’m perfectly fine with just having Jacob. Less stress on my body, more resources to use on Jake and Lewis to help them in life. But I cant help feeling that sting of jealousy when close friends get pregnant.. You’d think after 9 months I’d managed to deal with that.

Anyway! Just had to get that out of my system. Like I said the other day, I save up alot of pictures of Jacob, especially for this post! A bit like a picture review of the month that has passed!

We tasted broccoli for the first time! (and liked it)

We played with a balloon with the first time!

We stood up on our own, with only tiny bit of help! ♥

Played around with walker at nanny’s (with a protective daddy in the background)

And thought it was crazy fun!!

Got Jacob his first highchair! Its still a bit big *chuckles*

I introduced him to some kitchenware.

He thought that the sieve was a weird aninal ♥

And shared a snooze with the cat! Hard life being tiny baby boy and tiny kitty meow.

In three weeks he managed to get his first tooth and two more! (should take a new picture now, they are so much more visible)

He experienced grass for the first time!

And had some lovely nanny-cuddles!

And had his first ear infection : ( Took this yesterday, he was so knocked out, his temperature was between 38 and 39 all day.

Went to the doctors yesterday because I couldnt get his fever to go down, even with the Calpol. He couldnt sleep (unless he was on my chest) he wouldnt eat or drink. Water, milk, squash – nothing went down. Got worried about my little baby mite!

Hes feeling a tad bit better today, but I think hes got a head/ear ache, becuase he keeps crying. Hes managed to have a whole 9oz bottle of milk between 5am and 7, which makes me feel a bit better. The doctor gave him some antibiotics to take 3 times a day for 7 days. Luckily it tastes nice so he’s not too upset about it.

Happy 9 months baba-love!


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