Happy Birthday!

First of all I must, again, wish my lovely hubby a happy Birthday! On sunday he turned 34 or 21++ as he likes to call it! I was going to make a huge post about it on the actual day, but we were far to busy!

We celebrated with Listers parents, a joint celebration, my wonderful mother in-law had her birthday on thurday the 24th.

We went to this lovely restaurant, yes – not pub, called Seven Fish. It was a rather expencive place, but the check got cut in half due to our tastecards. (a card which allowes you either 2 for 1 or 50% of your bill) Seven Fish was really nice, they had really nice food. They are really a seafood restaurant, but you dont necessarily have to eat seafood. We spent almost three hours just sat there enjoying good food and drink. And you can tell it is a proper restaurant when they place two bottles of chilled water on your table, for free, without you even asking for it!

Me and Lister also celebrated his birthday on friday with some of our friends. We even had a baby/child free evening! (Thank you so much mummy in-law for looking after them! ♥) We had a nice BBQ with our friends and quite some drinks! The only thing that spoilt it a bit is that our neighbors have no regard for anyone but themselfs and were blasting their music so the whole street could hear it, which resulted to us moving from the front garden into the back garden. It was a bit of a pain, we’d spent most of friday trimming the grass and hedges, especially for the BBQ. We even put our gazebo up. But in the end it all got moved out back (which we hadnt trimmed that nicely) and ended up going in early because of all the mossy-bitey things. Apart from that it was a splendid evening!

For his birthday I got my hubby a sleeveless tshirt in black with a huge dragon on the front and back. I also got him 6 Anne Mccaffrey books, a from the Pern series. I went through both his bookcases, wrote down alle the Mccaffrey books he does have so I made sure I wouldnt get him a duplicate. He said hes read (or think he has) three of them, but hes none the less thrilled to actually have them in his collection! ♥

So enjoying the weather now. I’m very fed up with the cold and rain, so I use every opportunity to sit outside and soak in some vitamin D. I’ve also got washing out all day every day. Using to much less electricity when I wont have to use the tumbletryer to dry clothes.

I saved a frog for a sertain strimmer death when I was strimming around the back

It was quite a small froggie compared to what I usually find. Sometimes the occational toad as well

Molly absolutley loves sunbathing! But she dont realise when she gets to hot, so we keep having to call her out of the sun, lol

Oh and nanny and grandad got Jacob a baby walker!

Jake thrashes it around the livingroom *laughs* Hes so good at walking when you hold his arms, so I bet in a month or so he might not need this lol.



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