Teeth and mischief!

Its been a while since I was on about Jake’s teeth, they’ve been quite happily growing to themselfs. Then on wednesday I suddenly spottet that he had gotten his left fang! Now he looked a bit like a vampire with uneven teeth *laugh*

Then on thursday I went to have a look at his new fang, and found a right front tooth! Wow! Two teeth in two days! (I’m a 100% sure it wasnt there the day before)

So now snakey looks like this!

They’ve grown quite a for 4 days!

Me and Kerrie took the boys to the park the other day..

Jake still thinks this whole swinging thing is fun! He even tried the slide!

He’s also been up to mischief lately! Playing with dad’s CD’s…

And crawling behind the sofa at nanny and grandad – not for his toys – but for grandad’s cider! Which were all neatly in the box before Jake got to them! You can tell what kinda boy he’s gonna grow up to be.. *chuckles*


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