Me through the ages!

Yeah so the other day I found my folder where I had all my pictures from school, you know, the school pictures they take every year.  It was really fun seeing how much I changed every year so I thought I’d share it with you too. I dont post alot of pictures of myself, mostly because I’m near enough always behind the camera! *laughs* I also found some pictures from my childhood that my mum posted over to me a few months ago, and in some pics I really see Jake in me. : )

So this is one of the first pictures ever snapped of me! 8 th Feb. 1990. Cant say I was a particularly pretty newborn, but then again I’ve just come out of some water that I’ve been living in the past 9 months.

Now this is the picture that I think me and Jake resemble each other quite alot. Something about the head shape and eyes I think. I’m guessing I’m around a year old here if not a bit older.

I have no recollection of this event or clothes I wore so I’m still fairly young here. Guessing either two or three. I love this picture, I think it is so sweet. My parents used to have it hanging in the livingroom.

This picture amuse me everytime! I do NOT look impressed receiving a pair of pants for probably a birthday or christmas *laughs* I’m sertain I’m about 5 years, it was before I started school anyway.

At the age of 5 (and a half) I was my parents flowergirl/bridesmaid. I dont remember if they had a best man/ maid, but I dont think so. The only thing I do remember is that it took soooo long in the regestry office and that the cake had pink and purple hearts on it.

Here I’m getting to the age where I think it is hilarious to dress up! I’m wearing mum bra and necklace and also my “hula skirt” which I actually think is christmas tassel! *Laughs!* The funny thing is that I actually remember doing this.

Mum also thought it fun to dress me up, however I dont look to impressed. I remember that they bought this dress for me in Florida on their honeymoon, so I’m about 5-6 years old here. Very lady like sitting going on in that chair. Lol.

Now according to mum, dad dressed me up here. I was already wearing my St. Lucia costume (in Norway we celebrate St. Lucia with special sweet buns and dressing the kids up in white and live candles) What I’m wearing on my head is actually one of those christmas stars you got a lightbulb in and stick in the window for decoration. Apparently it broke and dad thought it hilarious to stick it on my head.

This is one of my pre-school years. It was a type of creche/kindergarden. I used to Love it there. I’m the girl 2nd in from the left. I used to have a crush on the boy standing next to me, lol. This is also one of the first pictures where my hair had gone properly brown.

I must have done a good job as flowergirl the first time around because a few years later I was a flowergirl for my Aunt Marie’s wedding. I’m the one wearing yellow and the girls in pink and green are my cousins. I remember at the reception me and the girls were running around in the garden playing flower princesses or something similar. *smiles*

Lovely! *laughs* This is one of the first “school” pictures I’ve got, however this is not an official one. This was my 2nd last year of the equivalent of Juniors and I remember the teacher for some reason wanted a picture. I’m the girl on the bottow row wearing a bright blue jumper and pink tights (yea thanks for that mum). My best friends at the time is the girl in red on 2nd row and girl in black in the top row (beside the pink ones) The girl in black is still my very best friend this very day!

Last year of “juniors” This was the day after halloween (so my bbf’s birthday – bottom row to the left) and this also means I was 12 when the picture was taken. I’m in red on 2d row. And *laughs* I just noticed, again I’m next to the boy I used to crush on in kindergarden.

*laughs out loud* Now this, is the first year of my Secondry School. For some reason the picture of the entire class has gone missing, but I’m not sure I want to see it, judging by my hair!! I remember fussing over it and someone arranging it saying it looked really nice. Errr, no. And someone could have taught me to pluck my eyebrows, lol

My 2nd year! And this is one of the best school photo’s of me, ever. I’m top row in black, next to the really tall guy (who really was nice, but always acted like an ass) This is funny because the picture could have looked so much different. We were having the pictures taken right in the middle of arts and craft class and me and the three boys in the middle were making some weird bead jewellery. I decided just a split second before we got lined up, not to wear it *laughs* I’d probably been put in mid. row with the others if  I’d worn it.

This is the personal photo to go with that year. I remember I used to love the top I’m wearing *wonders where that went* I’m 15 here

Last year of my “Secondry school” (school system in Norway is a bit different to Englands) And I made a grave mistake here. For some stupid reason I made the decision to wear my glasses in the class photo and not in the personal photo. Should have just done NO glasses in ANY photo’s *laughs* I think I look like a mushroom in this pic. I also remember that my best friend (standing next to me on the right) hated her picture too.

Mushy mushroom me!

Yup, should deffo always go with no glasses. I look so different in this pic from the last one, and they were taken on the same day!

Oh great, its this one. I remember I decided to not smile, like-i’m-super-happy-hyper-smile, but have a nice come-hither-and-i’ll-kill-you smile. Well the I-kill-you bit it right. I look very pissed off – but wasnt. Oh and I blame my sister for that black fringe. I’m top row with the dark hair. The personal picture for this year we never bought (dad found it not worth buying)

Not alot to say for myself here, besides this is the worst school picture ever.. I wish someone had told me atleast to have my fringe straight!

This is a really good one, for me anyway. I remember the guys in top corner all drew cocks and chest hair on themselfs – dont remember exactly why. I think maybe because their friend in the other class had done it. Lols. I was 17 in this photo. Mid. row w/ red scarf

Not brilliant, but not bad. Its the personal photo that I think is quite good.

Atleast I’d learned how to smile : ) Fringe could have been a tad shorter, but over all pleased!

Last school photo ever.. In norway you finish school the year you turn 19. Pretty pleased with how this one came out. Hair was a mess, lol. I think the class photo is better than the personal one. Top row 4th from the right.

Well you know me, I can always find something to pick on, and in this case its the smile. Could have been better.

I think the contrast on this picture is really sharp, which I believe is in my favour. *muahah* My dimples are showin up nicely here *laughs* Did you know Jake had inherited my left dimple?

Since then my hair has had several different colours not all captured in photos. What can I say, it lives its own life, to my love and despair!

Its been this colours, purple black

This colour (still love the copper colour)

And this one. I still got the red, but its got a good inch of roots so its in bad need of a re-dye. However I have no idea what to to with it and as time goes on, I’m getting more and more frustrated, lol. Any ideas?


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