Day 1 of our new Kitchen!

Finally we’re here! The day for our new kitchen. We’ve been waiting so long for this to happen. I think its been almost a whole year since the Council (who we rent our house from) said for the first time we would be given a new kitchen. Its been extra difficult waiting for it since february when we bought a new cooker, a dual range 8 hob, two oven thingie! They refused to install it when they delivered it because the gaspipes in the kitchen were in a dangerous place (and could have blown us up everytime we used the other oven). But now, in just a few days we’ll have a brand new kitchen with a working cooker! I’m so excited I’m sat here bouncing! *claps hands exitedly*

I’ve decided to take pictures through the whole and share it with you, so you can be as excited as I am 😉

(click on the photo’s for fullsize)

Here we are, our old kitchen, totally cleared out of everything but our white goods

Our kitchen is a bit hard to photograph, lol cant get it all in one photo.

Fridge and tumbledryer.

Then they started taking it apart, 8 am this morning:

One cupboard down!

Two, three and four down!

Looking pretty trashed now

New kitchen delivered (not sure I’m too pleased they put it on the grass, but hey)

New white wood units going in!

After a few more hours of working:

Some worktops going on!

And when I came back from the school run, the kitchen looked like this:

Lovely huh? And no, the sink isnt blue, like I thought – its just a protective layer. *laughs* Obviously the dishwasher and washingmachine goes in the gap under the worktop.

I think the white is really nice!

Its got proper wood effect and all : )

So far I’m really happy, however there has been one unexpected Yay and an unexpected Boo!

The Yay is the striplight they put in!

You might think striplights are a bit tacky, and yes they are – BUT all we had one one single light bulb hanging there on its own, to the left. It didnt provide enought light, you could barely see by the back door at night and looked like someone just threw it up there without any care. It used to be a striplight there before just the single bulb, why they took it out I dont know – but now its back and its nice!

The Boo is actually the sink.

Its a two tap sink, not a mixer. And that is really annoying. Why do they even make sinks that have two taps, one for cold and one for warm? Its stupid. Then you have to have either warm or cold. If you want lukewarm, well sorry – cant do that.

But I shouldn’t really complain, I dont have to pay for this kitchen. : )


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