I think most of you have figured out by now that I’m not from here, here being England. Either because you read my blog description or because of the awkward way I put things in a sentace or the billions of typo’s *laughs*

Point being, I read not only the UK newspapers, but my Norwegian ones too. Especially the slightly unserious ones, they make me laugh. There is one newspaper I mostly just skim through too the bottom, Dagbladet, because they print a fresh strip of my favourite comic, Nemi, every day. However, today I saw a brilliant article that I believe should be noticed! I think its a brilliant idea and should be an inspiration for everyone!

This thing!

This is a Girl taxi only. At the moment there is only one of them in Oslo, Norway’s Capital (where I spent most of my teen life). The funktion of this Pink Taxi is to bring drunk girls safely home, totally free of charge. The past few years the amount of rape cases has almost trippled in Oslo and people are genuinly afraid to walk alone. Its painted Pink, with sparkely eyelashes so that people will notice it. It also says GIRL TAXI on the bonnet and “We drive you safely home” one the door. Also “we CARE” with the heart on the passenger door.

I truly believe this is a wonderful idea! Its sponsored by Oslo Spare Bank 1 (one of norways largest banks) and P5, a radio station. This car is also in collaboration with The Night Ravens, volunteer organisation that try to keep the streets of Norway safe. They will be able to call up the car saying they got a girl that’s that too much to drink and is in the need of a safe ride home.

They say in the article that they are trying to target girls that usually would have gone for the cheaper option of taking a pirate-taxi home, rather than a normal taxi. The car will be driving around targetded areas where they know there is loads of illegal pirate-taxi business.

So far this is only a test project, according to the article –> but hope that the government will notice this and make it more permanet. Again I think this is wonderful! I agree that girls and women should take more care when they are out, especially drinking, but alot of them dont. However hat doesnt necessarily mean that they should get raped on the way home.

Big applaus of the people who made this car happen! Its an inspiration for everyone! More of these cars!


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