Day 2 of our new Kitchen!

Well this post was supposed to go out yesterday, but  I had so much to do that I only got to write half of it. Oh well, here is the day 2 of our new kitchen!

Yesterday they spent the day mostly tiling the kitchen. It took all morning and most of the early afternoon. I checked on it before I went to pick Lewis up from school and then it looked like this:

I think the black tiles I picked looks absolutely brilliant.

He even tiled the wooden box under the boiler for me : )

He has also repiped the gas, dont know if I’ll be allowed to use my cooker yet, but I am forever hopefull!

The kitchendoor was shut for most of the afternoon so I was not able to peek in, but he called me in when he said he was done and said; Finished!

I was amazed and disappointed at the same time. I expected it to be totally finished, but he explained someone would come and paint it and put down the new floor next week. Oh well. I still think the black tiles look amazing with the dark granite worktop and white cupboards!

I’m holding off taking the blue protection of the sink until they have finished painting. The walls will be white. They said they’ll have to plaster over some of the bits where the previous cupboards have been.

However the cooker is a different matter… The electritian had apparently said to the guy doing the kitchen that it wasnt his job to wire in my cooker, so we only have the gas supply to it. Which means I can use the hobs, but not the grill or the two ovens. Kitchen-guy suggested calling the council up to get someone to come out, which I did and they said they would get someone out today for me. Yay! So last night I cooked dinner for the first time one my NEW (yet 4 months old) cooker!  ♥

I’m happy, yet disappointed about our new kitchen. One thing is for sure, if we had payed for it, alot of things would have been done differently. However, it looks a thousand times better than what it was and I’m forever greatful for that I was allowed to have this new kitchen and pick the colours/design for nothing but the fact that we pay our rent every month. I cant wait for it to be properly finished, floor and walls too. I just pray to the goddess they come soon! *claps hands exitedly*


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