Good days : )

I love flowers and gardening but this place really puts my  “skills”, “green fingers” – whatever you would call it, to a test. The ground is  not suitable to plant in, its full of rocks and clay. Last year I tried to plant everything in pots, but the slugs and rain worked well together and killed them all. So this year I had deciced not to do much outside, besides my hanging basket on the porch and some large tubs with lots of flowers under the frontroom window. Now I’ve not managed to get to a garden centre yet so my big pots are still empty. However today I picked up two gorgeous Fuschia’s for my basket.

I picked up two different ones, I thought them both so beautiful. And they were only £1.25 each!

My hanging basket with both the fuschias in it. Hopefully they fill out the space around them, I didnt want to put too many plants in there and crowd them.

Cant wait for them to flower!! And yes I know, water them well : )

Over to another thing. I’ve downloaded an app for my phone where it tracks the route you walk and calculates how many calories you burn. My friend posted about this on facebook and I decided to download it to see if it was any cop. And I really like it actually! It motivates me really to get walking. Its quite clever, it asks your height and weight and how fast you walk and calculates how many calories you burn from those stats. I forgot to start it when I took the kids up to school, but when I’d dropped them off I turned it on. All I did was walk back from the school, down to the shop, picked up a few bits and went home. That little bit of walking was actually 1.48 miles and I burned 816 calories!! Avarage speed was only 1.07 mph, but that was due to all the slow walking around the shop. I’m so going to take the babies out for lots of walk’s! I think I might go out an hour before the other kids need picked up from school, walk a huge round and pick them up at the end of the round. If anyone is interested its called mapymyrun and their websites is You can also logg all the food you wat and today I’ve consumed so far 465. Makes my very happy that I’ve consumed less than I’ve burned! So going to go for another walk so I can have some dinner later, oh and I’ve got an apple for lunch : )


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