Early = Zombie

*yawn* – Been awake since four am due to the cats doing the wall of death around the bed in the bedroom. Seriously considered making them both into a new pair of slippers, indeed. At quarter to six I gave up and made some coffee, I’m so going to regret later today that I didnt go back to bed. lol.

Yesterday I took Jacob to baby swimming again! It was really great fun and he enjoyed himself. When teaching them to swim on their front Jake kept sticking his tounge out trying to lick the water *chuckles*

Hopefully there will be no more interruptions with swimming, I missed last week because we were having our kitchen done. But I’ve payed the course in full, £21, so I will not be happy if something interferes. All I ask is for things to stay away for the four next thursdays, thanks!

I took him to baby weighing as well yesterday, it was well overdue. He is now 21 fat one’s and 1 oz. No wonder you can actually see the muscles in my arms if I flex them. *giggles*

Jake loved the bodylength mirror in the changingrooms at swimming

Today I have decided to tempt fate and go to the Forest Monkey’s. Its a group for older babies and toddlers to play around and socialise. I’ve been there before, but with only one baby. I dont really like taking Jacob and Alfie places besides Tesco or for a walk, but I dont want to be a hermit. So with me luck. I cant carry them both at the same time anymore (they are both over 21 lbs each!) so they are going to have some patience with me and I with them. I mean twin mothers manage, right?

I also meant to say, in two days I’ve walked just over 11 miles (around 17 km) : ) And thats just from running around doing school runs, shopping, swimming ect. I’m going to go for proper walks as well just to add to that number! Its actually fun walking now!


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