Cold, cold go away!

Ugh, so I’ve managed to get myself a cold, a full blown sore-throated, nose-sniffling, chesty cough with a light fever – cold. Worst part is that I have zero taste. So I can’t even eat nice comfort food to make myself feel better. Depressing huh. I suppose the fact that I cant smell a stinky nappy is a little bonus, so much more pleasent to change it when you dont want to run away from it.*chuckles*

The cold has a proper grip on me though, any little exertion and I’m panting and sweating. Walking the schoolruns feels like a proper workout rather than the leisurely walk it really is. All I want to do is lay down and sleep, but with two babies to look after along with the house I dont have that privilege. However they were good to me yesterday, both went down for their nap at the same time so I got a little snooze in before mum called.

What makes me feel even worse is that when I woke up on sunday I was sure it was just an allergy hit, I hadnt been taking my hayfever tables due to all the rain. So we went over to Listers parents like we always do on Sunday’s, which means I probably shared all my lovely germs over there too, sorry! I really am. Crossing my fingers that neither of you get what I have!

But to cheer me up, my wonderful mummy-in-law had bought me a beautiful white orchid!

Its got lovely spots of green on the flowers. So now I’ve got  four orchids, two white, one pink (I think) and one I cant remember what colour. Its hard to tell when they only flower a few times a year lol

I also got saturday to look forward to! I got my Theory and Hazard Perception to do in Guildford and 10 am and after that I’m getting my nails done. Having a black french manicure with rounded tip done. Going to look something like this:

So hopefully the week will go quick and so will my cold and before I know its saturday. Crossing my fingers that I’ll pass my test for the perfect weekend : )


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