Nails and cupcake!

I was so nervous about passing my theory test that I decided if I failed I wouldnt get my nails done. It would just make me feel even worse and that I didnt deserve them. Seeing as I did pass I got my lovely acrylic nails!

I decided in the end to go with the square nails rather than the rounded ones. I’m very happy with them!

I hope that will last for about three weeks, they did a decent job with them. Only complaint is that they are  abit thick and one isnt completly straight.

I had forgotten how sore they are a few hours after you have them done. I’ve not had acrylics in year, literally! Now they are perfectly fine, still trying to get used to them. They makes me feel so much better about myself, I dont feel ashamed over how ugly and short my natural nails are (not to mention all the hard  work they need to look nice)

I also got a really yummy cupcake from the husband! The test centre is on the high street and they had a market on, it just so happened that the market stall right outside the test centre was a cupcake stand! All of them were SO lovely!

I had the Eton Mess cupcake! O m g it was heavenly!

Yum yum, thank you hun! Me loves you ♥


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