Passed it! :)

You know, it almost feels like I’m cheating on the blog, with life. If that makes any sence. I feel I got so much going on in life that I dont have time to update my blog. Alot has happened this past week that I’ve not written.

On wednesday, my pc died! My near enough brand spanking new (new motherboard, RAM, graphics card and powersupply) just died on me! Lucky for me Lister is like “batman for computers” – he can fix near enough anything and if he cant fix it, well it cant be fixed. But we dont quite know whats wrong with my pc. He ripped his own machine apart, using the eliminating technique to figure out whats wrong. No luck. We do have one pc up and running atm. my machines insides with his powersupply and his case. God, how do people manage with just one machine? We’re going insane here with just one we have to share. Good job we’re not slaves to a game right now. *laughs*

Of course my pc died at just the wrong time! On saturday I had my car theory and hazard perception test, but both wednesday and thurday I didnt get to study anything! I was kind of panicky! Lister made our two machines into one, like said before, so I had all of friday to do my revision….

AND I PASSED : ) With three faults!!

I’m so happy I passed it, I had several questions which I had never had before in the training programme and literally had no clue. So the fact that I passed with 3 faults is amazing! I wasnt sure I was going to pass at all! *claps hands exitedly* I would upload my sertificate, to show you that I did actually pass, but since we ripped our pc’s apart, the printer is not on the network atm. This hopefully means I’ll get my driverslicence before the summer is over (my driver instructior said I was near enough ready) so I’ll probably have a few more lessons and then take my test.

Over to another thing, I got the council around redoing our toilet and bathroom today – oh and we’re getting a new frontdoor. They are working as we speak (well, I type) and to be honest I’m really afraid how its going to come out. I was told we would get a shower, but they are putting another bath in and the guy had heard nothing about putting a shower in with the bath. Lister fitted the mixing tap and hung the shower hose up himself and I’ll be super pissed if they just throw that out without replacing it. Not to mention they are re-piping the gasline to the radiator in the bathroom and talking about doing something to the light. Please please please dont make it worse than it already was. I NEED A SHOWER. I’ma grown woman and I refuse having to lie down to have a wash! Having a bath costs alot more in water and takes atleast twice as long! I find it really demotivating if I have to have a bath rather than a shower. I was really exited to begin with, but now I’m just worried and feeling a bit down.

I took some pictures of our old bathroom (no point doing the toilet seeing as its literally just a 1 metre by 2 metre room with a toilet and windown in it)

View from the bathroom door.

Our current shower solution and hideous tiles!

Back of our bathroom, to the left of the door. Its really tiny so its hard to get any decent pictures of the room

I’ll be posting some more pictures on the progress of the bathroom and frontdoor later


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