New bathroom!

As you probably know by now, we’re having our house finally upgraded. The past three days they have been doing the bathroom, but I’ve not bothered to do a post per day because the progress has been quite slow. However they think they will be finished tomorrow, so I thought I’d better show you what they’ve done so far.


They ripped all the tiles out and fitted the new bath, the other way around to how it used to be. Also sorted out the waterpipe for our new shower.

To my joy they filled in the old drafty vent and installed a proper ventilation fan : )

And we got a new sink, with taps matching the kitchen


This is mainly what they did yesterday, fitting the electrics for the shower. They would probably been finished today if the tiles for the bathroom had been delivered yesterday on time, but as they were not they have been set back a whole day. Boo!


Today my tiler has mainly been tiling the bathroom. I’m glad that they’re tiling it all the way up to the ceiling rather than just half way up the wall, like it was (as you can tell on the picture) He also covered up the whole totally where the old vent was (top left corned of picture)

He also grouted it and mounted the shower on (yay!) however it still don’t work since the electritian has to connect it (boo!) So atm. its only Jacob and Lewis that can have a wash. Going on my 3rd day of dirty hair now, I literally dont have a way of washing it. (Yeah ok ok to much info, sorry lol) Thank god for dry shampoo *laughs*

Now its all tiled green and grouted. I personly think that the green will look lovely and light with a green floor, white walls, white and green shower curtain and green accessories. When Lister heard what tiles and floor I picked his reaction was “Eww ugly, why didnt you pick black and white.” And I agree, black and white probably would have looked nice, but white tiles are just ordinary, standard and black is to dark. I still think it will look nice when finished!

My tile-guy also tiled a strip over the sink, and I’m not totally sure about that… But I’ll hold of passing judgement until its all finished.

However, when they guys left today I went into the bathroom to properly take in how it all looked and then I got really pissed off! He’d done a lovely job with the tiles and grouting it, especially where the wall isnt straight but cleaning it up.. Clearly he’s not used to do that at home!!

My brand new, never used powershower head was covered in tile grout!! I know what grout is like, lovely soft and easy wash when wet, but rock solid when dry. This shower head would have been ruined if it had been left till the morning. This is the whole reason I go over their work.

And the moron who siliconed the sink to the tiles wasnt very careful! And this is dry!! I cant get the silicone of my new, never used sink at all! Gutted!! : (

Hope you enjoyed the update on how the bathroom is going. I’m now going to pop off and make some chili con carne for dinner : )

x x x

(also, this was my 100th blog post!)


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