Whoo, its been a few days since I updated the blog!

We’ve been really busy with our new lifestyle. About two weeks ago we changed our diet and signed up for the gym (I know, that is SO not me), but we’ve both been doing it now, for nearly two weeks.

I’ve really got some motivation to lose weight and Lister wants to bulk up a little bit, so we push it in the gym, every day. Yes, saturday and sunday too. I’ve also totally changed my diet. If I was going to describle every single change in my diet, I’d be here all night, so I’ll just do the majority of it.

  • I’ve stopped eating potatoes all together, or any potato related items for that matter.
  • Swapped all bread, pasta, rice ect. for the whole grain version AND cut down the amount I eat. (probs eat three slices of bread a week and pasta/rice about once a week)
  • Stopped drinking tea/coffee with milk and sugar – just black coffee with skimmed milk (and if i’m treating myself 1 tsp of brown sugar)
  • Swapped all milk for the skimmed version and any yoghurt for the natural low-fat one
  • Totally stopped eating any sweets, biscits, treats ect.
  • Stopped snacking in the evening/bedtime
  • Swapped all snacks with cherry/plum tomatoes, grapes, strawberries and similar fruit.
  • Have approx 250 calories for breakfast, 350 for lunch and under 600 calories for dinner.
  • I eat breakfast, mid morning snack, lunch, afternoon snack and dinner, rather than whatever I want, when I want it
  • Eat lean chicken breasts 5-6 times a week
  • And I obviously eat loads and loads of fresh vegetables : )

You who know me, know I would go nuts without any treats at all, so I’ve done some experimental baking. Switched the normal flour for the wholegrain, sugar for honey and sometimes vegetable oil for butter. Made some scrummie apple cupcakes, that was popular even with the husband! Double the apple in the recipie if you think it might not be sweet enough and it also makes them lovely and moist : ) Going to try them with banana’s tomorrow! Yummie!

As for the gym, I go every day. Lister usually goes first after he comes home from work, I feed the kids in the meantime and stick Jacob in bed. I probably get down there for about 7.30 – 8 pm and usually do about an hour. 10-15 min to warm up on the treadmill, then my 35 min weight-loss programme on the cross trainer. After that I go around all the weight lifting machines (yea, I dont have another name for them) usually 20 kg with ten reps, three times.

So yeah, pretty busy. However, I’ve bought a few things which I’ll blog about some time, when I got time. I’m glad its friday tomorrow – tired!

I’ma go join the hubby in bed now : ) Sleepy time! x


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