11 months ♥

(sometimes I really hate the blog, just wrote this entire post and when I pressed published it – it was all blank *big sigh* But here we go again)

My little gremlin is 11 months today! It feels like the past year has gone way to quick and if the years keep flowing past this quick, I’ll be having panic attacks.

We have for the past two days been celebrating Jenna and Brooke, two of the girls from our little baby group. We still have JJ and Darcey’s party to go to in a few weeks. I have not planned anything yet for Jacob’s birthday, because I dont know what to do. Also Lister dont think its any point having a party – Jake wont remember it anyway. Which is true, but I still want for him to have a party. I want him to have presents to open and cake to eat! But do we have the party here, in this half finished house or what? I honestly dont know what to do. Cant count on good weather to use the space out in the garden. Any ideas?

Jacob’s past month looked like this..:

Two sleeping babba’s!

Having fun with the mirror at swimming!

 And stole mummy’s sunglasses!

However not enjoying his time at the Forest Monkeys, he was at the window all the time like he was trying to escape, lol

Giggling at his cot mobile in his new cot! We bought him a nearly perfect condition, second hand pine cot for £35 : )

Loving to explore my new cupboards… Cheeky!

He managed to get the lit off the dog biscut pot and thought it was great fun!

Snoozing in his new cot, at angles only Jacob can sleep ♥

 Being a cheeky bum and biting the spoon!

Nanny cuddles!

Sleeping in more weird angles

Got his first pair of proper shoes yesterday! Donnay for £6 – Bargain!

Showing his shoes off (while chewing the rubber duck he got in the party from Jenna’s party yesterday)

 Loving the ballpool at Brooke’s birthday bbq today ♥


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