Feeling fit! : )

Today feels like a good day : ) I hopped on the scales this morning and it told me I’ve now lost 8 lbs. This is my 3rd week since I changed my diet and started going to the gym everyday, and I must admit I was a bit down about not seeing results right away. However I try to be patient and finally I think its paying off! I know 8 lbs isnt a dress size or and inch, but I’ll get there. I’m almost bouncing wanting to get to the gym and work out.

I found a great trick for when you fancy something like crisps or sweets. Get some serial. I like to get the Special K (obviously for this to work, you need a healty serial, something thats not packed with sugars) . It sound silly snacking on serial but get a small bowl, like the size of a ramekin (I use one of Jake’s foodbowls *laughs*), the larger the bowl is, the easier it is to fill it up, so stick to small sizes. The serial is nice and crunchy, just like crisps, and a wholebrand one will fill you up and take away the munchies feeling. I find it works great. Oh, and eat it one flake at a time.

This little bowl of special K has 114 calories, and even if that is more than some packs of crisps, its alot healthier and will make you fuller for longer !

As for another thing, we got Lewis’s school play to see this afternoon (or shall I say evening seeing as it starts as 6.30 pm). Pirates of the Curry Bean. Looking forward to that of course, he has a fairly large speaking role. I’m going to take pictures and Lister is going to film it. The only thing I’m a bit worried about is that this is right around its Jacobs bed time and he’s feeling a bit peeky today, but hopefully he wont be a nightmare.  


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