On the way home from the gym yesterday I suddenly fancied dying a coontail into my hair. Never done it before, but I wanted a blonde and black one. And now, mama’s got a coontail! (obviously short for raccon tail)

I did one on each side of the head, at the back by the neck. It was only after I started dying it that I realised rather than being two, it will be one big one. But that doest matter : )

Bleached it light first and the stuck tape on it. Then dyed the other parts black. I’m thinking I’ma keep touching up the “blonde” bits every now and then. I’ll get List to take some more pic of it, its kinda hard doing it by myself, lol

Its less spread out on this pic. I like it, apart for that it disappear inside my hair when I got it in a ponytail Q Q lol


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