Salty day out

I’ve been meaning to do alot of blogging, really. I tried to post some pictures of Lewis’s school play, but the blog was just being a twat. Refused to let me edit any pictures and being very very slow in general, which put me off blogging.  But I am once again going to try, so if you read this post, well then I was successfull : )

On Monday we had a day of our summer holiday. Mark had the day off from work, due to that I had an ultrasound at the hospital (no, I’m not pregnant, lol) and Lewis had his last, half day at school. It was absolutely gorgeous weather so we decided to go down the beach. The sea was actually a nice temperature, so I let Jake have a try. This was his first time ever experiencing salt water and sand! (notice the great white shark…err..Lewis in the back)

Mmm nom, mummy I found a rock to eat!

I think he quite enjoyed it : )

Trying to crawl in the water!

At around 5pm the tide had gone out really far. When we arrived the water was up to where I was stood taking this picture. This is West Wittering Beach

The dog left her mark on the beach too..

The waves makes such beautiful artwork in the sand!

And Lewis being..well, Lewis!


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