New floor, new feeling!

We finally got our new floor laid on monday! Yaaay! It now looks alot better, feels alot better and not to mention when I wash it, it actually looks clean!

Out with the old, in with the new! Old lino gone and floor being cured with a goopy cement mixture

Black lino laid! Its a granite effect, very matching with our kitchen worktops.

Close-up of the floor

Bathroom floor!

 And just to make the feeling around the house even better, I’ve been doing some long needed DIY.

Been re-glossing all the doors, doorframes, skirting boards and more. Can clearly see how much nicer it lookes. Its a real shame how gloss always yellows over time. Its like a never ending task.

After wash, but before I re-glossed it

After glossing : )

I also finally got around to gloss the gaspipe we got running down our hallway.

For some reason the hallway feel alot taller now. Its like the copper pipe was cutting the high of the hallway down with a few inches. Feels much more open and tidy neat now : )


2 responses to “New floor, new feeling!

  1. Congratulations on the new floor! It looks great! Linoleum is definitely a great choice for the kitchens and the bathrooms because they’re much easier to clean. The granite effect lends the spaces a classically contemporary feel as well.

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