Changes ahead!

I know I probably say this every time I see someone that knows us, but I cant believe that Jacob is almost a year old! I get really emotional thinking about and how fast his development is accelerating recently. He has gone from learning to stand up, to stand up comfortably holding something, to now standing up unaided while doing something, in just over a month. Its called for changes around the house too, because I reckon within the month he will have taken his first step – and then we’re off walking.

I have now removed his little playpen altogether. (picture below)

 He used to like sitting in it playing along with himself and the toys, but recently he just cries and screams when I put him in there. Clearly its not enough for him anymore to play with his baby toys, he wants to be more out and about and probably more apart of things that we’re doing.

So what I did is that I removed it totally and replaced it with a stairgate!

And I near enough baby-proofed the room and gave him is little corner instead. So now our front room is like playpen, just bigger. With more challenges and experiences and he is now so happy – well until he realised that he couldnt  get out of the stairgate *laughs*

He loves looking at the fish! Even offered them the cat toy : )

I’ve also bought him a drinking bottle with a straw! He never quite figured out that the had to tip the other bottles to get any drink out of them, so I took some of the other mums advice and got one with a straw. Even if half of it ends up on his babygrow he loves it and drinks loads!

However its proving to be a little challenge to get the straw in our mouth everytime, especially when our hands are in the way!


3 responses to “Changes ahead!

  1. My lo just turned 11 months and I am so amazed at his progress too! My whole living room is his play pen. Lol

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