New theme!

As you have probably already noticed I have changed the theme of the blog!

I have for quite a while thought that the blog needed some freshing up and that I wanted something new. Yesterday a good friend of mine told me she loves reading my blog, and does it all the time, but never comments because she dont know how. I agree, I have thought for a while that it is a bit awkward to comment on my posts, but I never realised that people actually didnt know how. It was a bit of a wake-up call, how many people have thought the same and not commented? I have over  150 followers on my blog (and I love you all), but nothing makes me light up more than seeing a comment on my post! So now, I’ve changed things up a bit and made it easier.

I also changed the Header on the blog, its now a picture of Jacob sleeping outside in the shade during our lovely hot weather on some pillows. Hopefully you all agree with the changes and like it as much as I do : )

Over to something different, Jacob’s 1st birthday is coming up! Its exactly 10 days until my little precious is one whole year old! I got his baby party next saturday, the 11th. I’ve got some 1st birthday banners, plates, napkins, party bags and also a cupcake stand to decorate with. I’m going to make cupcakes that has blue and green (to match the colour scheme) teddybear decorations on them. I cant wait! *claps hands exitedly*

Nanny and grandad already gave Jacob his birthday present and we love it!

Its a baby rocking horse! From 12-36 months and its super soft. Isnt it just adorable?! Jake likes to sit on it, but he hasnt quite figured out how to properly rock on it yet, but I’m sure we’ll get there : )


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