Cake trial!

So yesterday, I did a little cake trail. I’m making cupcakes for Jacob’s party on saturday and I got a brand new icing decorater that I’ve never used before, so I decided to try out the cupcake and icing recipe, and have a play with the decorator.

Now sadly, i’m no master chef, even if I like to think I am.

It was a good thing I did the trial run, now I know that the cupcakes are gorgeous!! That I need to make the icing abit more firmer than stated in the recipe and use less icing on the cupcakes. The icing is really nice, but I piled it high, and it turned out to be too much of the good. It drowned out the lovely flavour of the cupcake. I’ve decided to buy some different cases for them as well, as the ones I used yesterday were really cheap and didnt hold their shape very well.

The decorating kit I bought of Ebay for £5. Its cheaply made but its actually pretty decent (or so I think, but I’ma newbie. So if you’re experienced with this sort of stuff its probably rubbish, lol)

To decorate his cupcakes I got some blue and green ricepaper (edible) teddybears! I was going with the colour scheme of blue and green, seeing as the plates, napkins, cakestand ect. is blue and green with a turtle saying 1st b-day. The little teddybears are really so sweet! I love them!

Again, I bought these off Ebay, £2.20 for the lot!

I was going for green and blue icing on the cupcakes as well, but seeing how the green turned out and the fact that Tesco only have the “brillant blue” food colouring, which is arteficial = not good, I changed my mind. I’m going to keep it white with some lovely chocolate sprinkles and these cute teddies : )

As you can all see, icing isnt what I’m best at. However this was the very first time I ever tried to do these fancy icing cupcakes. The top one and left, I tried to use the disk that had a 1 on it. The left one turned out better than the top *giggles*

These are the two better looking ones I think. Do you agree?

x x

Off to write my book now!


2 responses to “Cake trial!

  1. Yours look better than mine! I decided to make a bunny cake for Caleb’s 1st bday… Trial run yields a wet rat instead. Oye.

  2. Aww thanks! I’d be very afraid to make any other cake that isnt square or circular lol. I love cooking but I’m just not that great at it : )

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