Had Jacob’s party yesterday, can’t say it was anything but a success! However, people didn’t eat half as much as I anticipated so we’re left with loads of leftovers. But out of all the food made, cheese twists, potato salad, tuna pasta, sandwiches – the cupcakes (in my opinion) were the cherry on top! I think every time I’m baking for something, I’ll do a trial first!

Like I said before, I chose to buy some new cupcake cases, since the cheap ones I’d bought from the £1 shop didnt hold their shape very well. These were £1.50 from Wilkinson, had the right colours for the colour scheme AND held their shape perfectly!

I think these might be the best looking cupcakes I ever made!

Decorated them with butter cream Icing, the little teddy bears and chocolate drops!

I’m still by no means a master chef, but these turned out a lot nicer than the first cupcakes I made!

Here they are with the cupcake stand I got off ebay, looking pretty nice I thought!

: )


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