Little Gremlin ♥

I’ve decided to make a scrapbook for Jacob. I’ve already ordered it and I cant wait for it to come in the post! Its a white album with thick white pages and on the front its for a blue bow and says “Jacob Varg – Monday 15th August – 8lbs 8 oz” framed in a blue border! Its going to hold all of his lovely pictures from birth to 1 year. I’m really exited to get going! Already sat sorting out photo’s that will look nice in the scrapbook. However I need to get little decorations to put around the pictures, so need to save up some cash to go to the craft shop : )

While I’m on the subject of pictures, I got some really sweet and funny pictures of Jacob! He has just learned how to climb up on the sofa (and climb down again) and he absolutely loves throwing himself around in the sofa!

In action, getting onto the sofa!

Almost made it!

And made it! With our bum in the air

Sofa acrobatics!

He is laughing and giggling the whole time!

So much fun! *chuckles*

He makes me laugh! Now he wont do anything but climb all over the sofa, luckily he’s wearing himself out and sleeps for several hours during the day!

His daddy, Lister, was a cheek and put down the whole bowl full of cheese pops for Jacob to munch on, an oh did he love that!

Nom nom!

And then, this! Its probably one of my favorite pictures of Jacob ♥


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