Feeling creative

Argh I’m sat here at the PC almost ripping my hair out. Its quite a lovely day and I’d love to go outside, pop down to the shop, without necessarily but just to get out of the house with the kids. It drives us all crazy being shut it all the time. But I’m sat here waiting for the painter, who’s coming to prime the walls in our bathroom, he’s going to paint them tomorrow. The only problem is that he hasn’t said when he’ll be around so until further notice, I’m stuck.

I’m also bouncing, starting tomorrow my hubby has got some time off and we’re thinking of going away for the weekend. Its been ages since we’ve had special family time, just the four of us. I cant wait for us to get a way for a bit and just relax away from everything!

But since I’m sat here, and done all my jobs around the house, I ‘spose I can keep working on my scrapbook for Jacob without feeling to bad. Let me show you what I’ve done so far, however, dont judge, its not finished!

Bought this customized scrapbook off Ebay for around £10 including postage.

Its a scrapbook from his birth to first birthday, its as much for him as it is for me, really.


First days, not finished. Still got a blank page to fill in here. I’m missing some pictures that’s going to be added later

First month and two months

2nd part of two months and three months

Four months at Christmas!

Five months!

Six Months

Seven months – with the starting of teeth!

Eight months!

I took a lot of pictures around eight months 

And thats as far as I got.

I got loads of stuff to add to it when all the pictures has gone in, but making a scrapbook is very time consuming. I love it, but need to find time to do it.

Oh, and while we’re on the creative spur, I made myself an ankle chain. I used to wear a plain gold chain on my right ankle and a silver on the left, but when they broke a few years ago I never got around to getting a new one. However, I bought some charms a few weeks ago and suddenly I got the inspiration to make a new ankle chain.

Finished result! The picture doesn’t give it justice, however.


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