So me and hubby are finally sat here, in own bed again. You know what they say – there’s no place like home!

Lister had thursday and friday off last week, and yesterday was a bank holiday, so we decided to go away for a few days since we had the opportunity. We rented one of those static caravans in a holiday park where the kids can run around having fun.

We ended up in Brean Sands, Somerset – at the Holiday Park Unity. It was alright. We’ve been to some Haven parks before and had a certain standard, but all in all it was nice. Lewis had the time of his life, he even got a girlfriend – Poppy. A couple of years younger than him, from Warwickshire. She was such a sweetheart and now her address is hung up on our pinboard with all the pink heart pins we have.

As for us adults, well we’re kinda kicking ourselfs for investing in a king size orthopedic bed for £750. Because when you go away to places like holiday parks their double, barely 5ft long bed doesnt seem that great in comparison. When we got home Lister went straight into our bedroom and burst out “Bloody hell! Our King size bed is as WIDE and the double we had was long” Meaning that both of us slept with our heads rammed against the headboard and with our feet hanging off the bed every night. I cant stress enough how nice it is to be back in our own bed, thats actually long enough! The fact that it took us 9 months to pay it off seems reasonable now.

Anyway, we were quite lucky with the weather. It only pissed it down one morning, so we got to do the things we wanted. It had a long, massive beach which we made several walks on, both to Jacob’s and Molly’s pleasure!

It had a very lovely view!

Got to love a decent beach. When the tide was out the beach was massive, the water went out so far.

The dog thought it was a good idea to pick on a stick her own size… or not!

With only three legs sticks can be a bit troublesome!

Jake loved the sand as much as Molly, got a lovely video of him sat there digging in it

Bought him a little windmill for a £1, that was very facinating!

Found a nice little shell

And then we made this!….Nah only joking. We found this wonderful sand sculpture on one of our walks, sadly some people cant leave nice things like this alone, so it got destoryed shortly after this picture was taken. Credits for whoever made it, though!

All in all we had a nice little holiday, besides the fact that we all got a cold and Jacob is really suffering with his two new teeth coming through, which lead me to be in and out of bed about six times every night. So ontop of being exhaused from that and a really short bed, I managed to really pull my back night till sunday, while putting Jake back into his cot, owie owie. As I’m sat here writing I can still feel it, but after a night in our own bed it feel much better.

Sadly we didnt take as many pictures as intended, but you never do on holidays really. I suppose that means we were too busy doing things rather than taking pictures of it.

However, daddy managed to win Jacob a lovely little tiger out of a prize machine, and Jake loved it!

Tigger cuddles!

Oh, and the boys had great fun when they found a shooting range in the fun fair they had in the holiday park.

It was nice to get away for a bit, but its nice to be home, like I said before – there’s no place like home AND your own bed!

: )


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