So things have been really weird lately, which is why the blog has been neglected for a while. Apologies!

Well I’ve been sick and still is.Ugh, its really wearing me out, I’m on my sixth week with a really chesty cough. Been to the doctors twice, have had two different courses of antibiotics, an asthma inhaler, a steroid inhaler and a course of steroids. Since none of it has done any significant difference to my cough, I had a chest x-ray today. I’ll know the results on Thursday when I again go to see my GP. On top of that I’ve had a cold/flu where I’ve been really dizzy, felt like I’ve got a fever, cold sweating and loss of appetite (not that I’m complaining about that bit)

Not been to the gym since they re-opened it, I dont want to go down there and cough myself to death. However I was thinking I might dare it today, but I’m still really tired even if I had 8 hours sleep. I just want my health back! I want to be able to do things without coughing so hard I nearly throw up! Gah…

Another thing that’s changed is that its only me and Jacob again. I’m not looking after two other kids anymore. Me and their mother had a kind of falling out, and she said a whole bunch of nasty things on text

– about how the memory of her sons first birthday party is ruined because of Lewis splashing in the pool (as if the other kids weren’t) and how disgusted she was about his behavior ect ect. Now the way I see it, is that he wasn’t being “a little shit in the pool” more than the other kids.  She probably didnt realize that Lister sat by that pool near enough the entire time watching out for the 1 year old (birthday boy), that by the way was in the pool with a 12 year old, a 10 year old, a 7 year old and a 6 year old and they were all playing rough, because she was running around talking to all the guests. Two and a half hour the 1 year old was in the pool, and everyone was just standing around watching, even if they were there to celebrate him.

I’m not going to bitch about it, that wouldn’t make me any better than her, I said that we needed to talk face to face rather on text but she doesn’t seem to care. Which is perfectly fine by me. The way I see it, I have been nothing but a good friend to her, I’ve walked with her handing out her leaflets for her shop, I’ve looked after her kids for 10 hours a day, along with my own, I’ve house sat for her when she was expecting something important in the post.. But honestly, if she doesn’t like my family or at least keep her opinions to herself, I’m better off spending time with the people who’d do all those things for me and does like my family.

Its not like I’ve given up a lot, come November I would’ve had to stop looking after them anyway. You see, I’m starting University! *claps hands excitedly* I’m doing an Opening course running from November to March and then after summer I’ll start on my Bachelor in English Literature, Creative Writing Pathway. I really cant wait! I’m so excited! Its all thanks to my wonderful friend Katarina, who told me about the Open University, which will allow me to look after Jacob and study at the same time! I’m really really excited! Thank you so much, darling I hope you will come see us soon again!



5 responses to “News!

  1. Yey! Fantastisk at du får begynne å studere! Ikke bry deg om sånne folk, du er tusen ganger better off uten. 🙂

  2. Æsj, for ei utakknemlig sugge. Good riddance?
    Gratulerer med universitet, Malin! Håper det blir spennende:)
    Puss til deg og finfamilien! (Jacob er virkelig too die for, håper jeg får besøkt dere i nær framtid) 🙂

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