Play time!

When my little puppy turned one year, I was still set on keep counting his months, like I’ve been doing all through the year. Then Sunday suddenly I realized it was the 16th, which meant I missed one! That got me thinking, is his age not that important to me anymore? Well of course it is, but I realized that wishing him “Happy whatever months” isnt. As they get older you start thinking about their age when they are 1 and 6 months, 2, 2 and 6 months and then 3, 4, 5 ect. BUT!! this does not mean you wont see the occasional age update post, and of course this doesnt mean I’ll write less about him!

Yesterday we went to the Stay, Play & Learn group and Jake enjoyed himself so much! He was trying to play with two and three toys at a time because there as so much interesting going on. Its a really great little group, where they have so many activities, both indoor and out for children ages 12 months + can enjoy. Jake is now 13 months now, like mentioned earlier, however he was still the youngest one there and the only one that couldn’t walk. I think when he manages to get his balance on his little leggy-pegs, he’ll enjoy it even more. They have a crafty corner, a play kitchen, a corner full of wooden baby/kids toys, indoor sand pit, outdoor sand pit, book corner and tons upon tons of toys. They run this group every monday morning 9 am till 10.30 and thurdays 1.30 till 3pm. They also have snack time, where they usually serve several types of fruit, cheese, cheddar cheese biscuits and water or milk to drink. To finish off they have story time, where the the kids pick a book for the parent to read (Jake was not impressed with this bit) and finally song time where we sing all sort of songs. Jake especially liked Sleeping Bunnies *chuckles*

He got loads of compliments for this “super hero” t-shirt, which has a detachable cape : ) It was a birthday present from our friend Beth!

Loving the wood toys!

He loved the kitchen! The plastic food was sure a winner!

And made as much mess in the cupboards like he would at home!

He enjoyed the outdoors too, great game trying to get mummy to catch him!

We’ll definitely be going as much as we can!

I took baby-kins to weighing today and he is now 22 lb 3 1/2 oz, 10.08 kg! No wonder I have sore arms today, where we managed to leave the buggy in the car so dad took it to work, and I had to carry Jake back and forwards to school yesterday! I don’t remember if I mentioned that we went to his 1 year check-up the 28/8, where they measured his height, 74 cm tall! So my little babba is sure growing up fast!

He can even enjoy the “young” kids toys in the playground!


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