Holiday Spirit!

Today I’m full of lovely spirit! I think its a mix between the lovely autumn weather and the fact that we got two lovely holidays approaching. Even if the leafs on the trees has barely begun changing colour and I can still get one washing dry outside every day (taking its not raining), the mornings have that lovely crisp freshness that only autumn does.

Even if we dont make much out of the first approaching holiday, All Hallows Eve, I still like the concept of it. Not the dressing up and harassing people for candy, but the fact that this is the one day of the year its acceptable to have cobwebs in your window, to stick on a pair of fangs and admit that you love all the supernatural. I think its great and I’m really looking forward to baking Halloween treats! I love that I can spill someone’s guts on a cake and people will eat it with spirit. I’ve not decided of what to make (I mean I still got a whole month to decide) but I saw a blog yesterday which had loads of good ideas!

And then there is the main holiday coming up… Christmas! Last weekend I was quite stresses out (and I generally is) about money and presents, but now I’ve decided to not stress about it and just enjoy the preparations. We got our entire Christmas dinner + treats covered by out Clubcard points from Tesco. Over the year we’ve managed to collect around £40 (with more to come) that can all be taken out in actual money vouchers.

I’ve also started to think of the Christmas card list, and even if the homemade cards last year were fab, I think I’ve decided to buy them this year. After I’d decided to make cards last year and bought all the material, I saw sooo many lovely cards that were really affordable too. Not to mention I’d have to put time aside to make cards, which lets be honest – with Jake around, isnt that easy.

I’m very much looking forward to seeing the kids enjoy Christmas and I’m hoping to see my lovely sister-in-law this year too (HINT HINT!! 🙂 ) I cant wait to make the gingerbread house and all the Christmas cakes, to show Jake how to decorate the tree, to decorate the house in lovely Christmas colours. I’m sure I’ll start getting stressed out again about Christmas at some point, but while I’m not, I want to enjoy it! Another thing that really cheers me up too is that the hubby still has 9 days left of his holiday, so soon I’ll be able to spend several whole days with my lovely hub hubs. Speaking of which – He came home the other day with a bottle of wine, chocolate and some lovely flowers! While the wine is long gone *cheeky smile* and the chocolate is in the freezer (for some reason I love frozen chocolate) the flowers are looking absolutely lovely!

Lovely white lilies! ♥

Ooo but I’m almost forgetting the most exciting news! Last night, Jake took his first steps and when he realized he’d walked from daddy to me, he wanted to walk back! He kept walking back and forward between me and hubby, it was so lovely! I’ve been long awaiting him walking, then we can go for little walks and he’ll enjoy the park more as well! Is a very happy mummy!

Today was the first day that I put the cosytoes back on the pushchair. It was a bit nippy outside and I thought rather look a bit silly than be cold. I know I’ll have to take it off later on, then it will be to warm. It a bit of an awkward weather at the moment. Cold in the mornings, but warm during the day.

And yesterday… The little gremlin decided to have the whole tub of dog food over and play in it. He was sat there raking it around *chuckles* Great fun, dog biscuits.


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