Nails IV

Not done a nail post for a long time. For the past few months I’ve been very fed up with my nails and havent been bothered to paint them or make an effort of keeping them. Its really hard for me to grow long, strong nails and sometimes it really gets me aggravated. However, I was watching a Lauren Luke video on youtube the other day and got really inspired. She had done a beautiful water marble with a sparkle brown and white. However, I cant do water marbling (not sure if its the nail polish or the water) but it never spreads out properly. Aaaanyway, I was watching a Michelle Phan video later on, where she  used a splash technique (paint your nails in a base coat, and then pick a different colour(s), “water” it out with some nail polish remover – then splash away)

This is what I got, I would love to try this out with a white base coat and red splashes… *evil grin*

My left hand! (click for a larger image)

My right hand! Not sure which I prefer. Do you recognize which book I’m reading? If so, leave me a comment and give your self a pat on the back for great taste in books! x x

I cant wait for All Hallows Eve! I’ve ordered some bright, and I mean bright! Orange nail polish and I’m going to do something really cool with that and a black crackle! Give me a heads up if you want me to do a Halloween Nail post : )


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