Nails VI

So I finally received both my orange and white nail polish, and I was going to do a white nail with red blood splatter on, but my Rimmel Rapid Ruby colour has gone missing. So until it comes back, I’m going to have to play with my other friends, and speaking of which, I’ve got a new one! We were in Boots yesterday and on my boots card I had a voucher for half price off 17’s new Magnetic nail polish! I’ve been dying to get my hands on Barry M’s Magnetic nail polishes, they are absolutely wicked. However when I got a voucher for half price 17’s magnetic polish, of course I was going to try that! They had them in dark green, gray, blue and purple – I went for the dark gray.

I think both the colour and pattern is lovely! Its really very different from what I usually wear, and I’m going to check out the other magnetic ones as well. Sadly 17 had only launched one pattern with four different colours. I’ve seen some of the Barrie M ones I’d really really like!

Its really simple to do, just takes a little bit more time than a normal coat. The top of the nail polish lid had a magnet attached, and all you do is apply a generous amount of nail vanish on your nails and hover the magnet over the nail. After a few second the pattern has formed and you wait for the nails to dry. Simples!



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