October time

So its finally October, the month that really breaks into autumn. October for me used to be a dark and cold month, but with my lovely family its hard to focus on the bad things. Silly little things are making me happy, like for example that its still a nice temperature inside. By this time last year we would already had to put the heating on, but since we got a new front door which is practically draft free, I’ve not had to put on a jumper yet! Its still 20+ inside during the day *big smile*

I also love how the autumn looks, when its not raining, its so very pretty outside! The leafs has just started to turn, so it will be a lovely couple of weeks before they all go brown and fall off.

Nothing says autumn like a conker, hey. Have you ever seen what a lovely pattern they have?

All hallows eve is drawing near, and due to that the shops are throwing up they Halloween decoration. Now, I always love the dark and gory and I have a hard time resisting to buy it, however this year I’ve been very, very good. Until now. I went to Tesco this morning to get some flour and in their Halloween section, they had the most adorable clothes! Not costumes, but clothes!

This jumper was only £2! I just couldnt resist getting it for Jake! They only had one in each size so there was no way I could leave it to another time. I think its drop dead adorable! They had a lovely PJ as well, saying “Freakishly cute” and it was pretty freakishly cute, but it was a £5’er and after I got my flour, butter and this jumper, I was out of cash. Shame. But I really love this little jumper, cant wait to try it on him!

Speaking of Jacob, hes had his 9th tooth and the 10th is just breaking through. This time they are coming through downstairs at the back, touch wood that he doesnt seem to be suffering with them at all!

Pardon the white chocolate on his tongue, that was the only way he would open his mouth for me. As you can see the one on the left is fully out and the right one is breaking through. : )


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