*claps hands very excitedly* I’ve kinda been holding back a little secret for a while, I didn’t want to post it all over the blog just in case it didn’t got through, but I got my letter a few days ago.

I’m starting University!!

I’ve known this for a few days and today I got my study pack from the University! I start the course the 1st of November and I really cant wait! I’m so excited to get studying and develop myself as a writer! Since its my first time around I’m doing an opening module, which teaches you how to study as well as prep you for the next course. I’m studying within Art and Humanities, which has subjects that are all concerned with cultural expression and how it has come to take the forms that exist today. From that I will go on to study English Literature and then the Creative Writing pathway – which is the one I’m really excited about. My dream is become an author, preferably a publishing one.

My Opening module is Making sense of the Arts, where you study the different disciplines of poetry, history and art. I’ve always been passionate about history, and moderately interested in literature. I’m really looking forward to get started!

My wonderful package!

There was loads of stuff in the package, but this is the most interesting stuff, honest!


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