One year!

Today the blog is one year!

Happy birthday bloggy!

Wow, I didnt think that would happen, honestly. When I started this blog, it wasn’t my first, but I think this one was different because this time around I really had something to write about. Jacob. This blog was my means of communicating with the people I love, but don’t see everyday. You know who you are. Then the blog turned into my little baby, my little space where I was allowed to write my thoughts and feelings about things.

Then the blog would later take me down a path where I found what I wanted to do with my life, to be a writer. I will settle for most kind of writing, but as I’m sure you know by now, my “career goal” – so to speak, is to be an author. The blog has showed me that I can commit to keeping up my writing and it’s got that hold over me where I feel guilty if I neglect it for days on end. And, now exactly a year later I’ve enrolled in University, really taking my writing seriously. If you had told me exactly one year ago, when I sat here writing my first post about Jacob, that in a year I’ll have enrolled in Uni and working on my way to becoming a serious writer – I would have laughed at you and said “When pigs fly”. But its a great feeling, I love it and I’m super excited.

I’m happy and maybe even a little bit proud that I’ve kept the blog for a whole year, but do you know the funny part? Its almost been completely effortless. Its been almost like a game that you play for fun, to “chill out” after work. The blog makes me happy, in the end of the day I’m allowed to sit down after the kids have gone to bed and do what I love – write.

However, the blog would not have made it to a whole year if it weren’t for my readers. I know that sound stupid, and every writer says this – but its true. I see everyday how many people have been in, and read my post. My record for most people in a day is 123! Wow, thank you so much! I have now after a year had over 10.000 views on my blog and I’ve currently got 162 followers. So thank you readers, for wanting to read my blog and for taking of your time doing so! This post is my 130th, it doesnt sound alot for a whole year, but its an avarage of 10.8 posts a months. Thank you again readers, and Happy 1 year Bloggy!


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