14 months!

So yesterday Jacob was 14 months, or 1 year and two months. I’ve gotten a little ticker at the left side of my blog where it counts years, months and days of his age, I think its so cute! Yeah, so hes now 14 months, with 10 teeth and nearly walking. I mean, he is walking, but not full time. He still feels safer crawling about, but will walk holding onto things or from me to daddy or back. I bought him a pair of Clarks shoes (2nd hand obviously, cant afford to buy them brand new – they cost more than mine and Listers shoes put together) and they are really helping him walk. They create a larger surface area for him to step on and they keep him from slipping. I have him wear them around the house and every day there is a few more steps!

However, Jake is still a little gremlin. I didn’t even know we had any string or where on earth he got it

Oh and don’t leave them to eat by them self’s, they will just wear it, lol

And if you make the food mistake once, learn – I didn’t.

Tiny tiger snoozing! Just like mummy with the cover between his legs.

Making lovely noise in the play garden!

Bang and clang!

Having fun dressing up!

Learning to drive! Will probably be driving before mummy : )


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