So my little wolf cub is finally walking! Jacob has gradually been walking more and more the past week and Tuesday he walked around in the front room, out of the stair gate and down the hallway, all in one go.  I think he has yet to realize that walking is faster then crawling, because he still crawls. He will also go down on his knees if he thinks he might fall over.

He is at the stage now that I can take him for a walk outside, something that he absolutely loves.

He found the hedge very fascinating!

Me and hubby took him for a proper “long” walk today, with him holding me in one hand and daddy in the other. Lister has got another promotion at work (Yay, well done hunny!) and he’s also started working the evening shift, which is 4pm till 10pm. They need more work done and work before Christmas, so they are running two shifts rather than one. Lister still get normal pay (plus his raise!) but works almost 3 hours less! I’m so chuffed with this! This means I get to spend all day with him – which is so nice. Unfortunately its only till Christmas, but this means we can actually go Christmas shopping during the week, rather than being trampled to death by hippo’s on Saturdays. He’s only been working evenings since yesterday, so its still all new, but very very good!

Jake loves having his daddy around, he loved the walk around the shops today. I’ve also signed us up for baby swimming starting 8th of November, so now daddy can come to that too! He can even do the swimming if he’d like to! And as a cheery on top, Lister has booked his remaining holiday, booking every Friday and  Monday off from mid November all the way till Christmas! So at the moment life is very good.


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