Merry Samhain or Happy All Hallows Eve!

So tonight is the night that the barrier between our world and the spiritual world is at is thinnest, or so the legend goes. You might celebrate Samhain, celebrating the end of summer and harvest, or you may celebrate All Hallows Eve as the feast of all Hallows (all Saints) or simply celebrate Halloween the typical western way – dress up and go door to door for sweets. Whatever you do tonight, may you be safe and have a wonderful time!

I love the spooky side of this holiday, when its socially accepted to carve pumpkins, dress up in the most horrific and scary costumes and decorate your house with all sorts of ghoulish delights! My favorite is seeing all the creative pumpkins that people carve and the passion they put into it!

(I do not take credit for any of these wonderful works of art) 

And remember, the original Jack-o-Lanterns were turnips!

And I also love all the creative make up ideas. I prefer the scary and creepy looks compared to the skimpy-so-called-sexy looks!

Now, I didnt look half as fancy as this when I went to the baby halloween party on sunday (and yes I dressed up, you cant go to a halloween party and not dress up!)

However, I made my own hooded velvet cape!

Jake dressed up as a pumpkin!

And Lewis pulled out his Reaper costume, then we went trick or treating for nearly two hours (Ok, 30 min was spent talking to my friend Jenny), but the haul of sweets was not at all bad. Always follow the rule of respect and only knock on the houses that have up up their decorations : )

Happy Halloween!


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