Nails VIII – Acrylics!

A couple of weeks ago my lovely husband treated me to some new nails. I love having acrylics on, I can just go about my day not offering a single thought for my nails. My own nails are brittle and peels a lot, so not only do I have a hard time growing them long, but also keeping any nail polish on for more than a few days.

However, having acrylic nails done professionally all the time gets very expensive. They cost between £20-35 to have done and £10 to either fill them in or soak off – which needs done approximately every two weeks. You might get away with wearing them for three, but then you get into the danger zone where you could seriously hurt yourself.  I keep my last lot of acrylics on for nearly a month and had two nails rip – with my normal nail. Ouch.

So I’ve decided to take it upon myself to keep my acrylic nails. In theory you can wear them forever with maintenance and filling in the gap, and once they get to long, you just file them down to the desired length. The other day I purchased an acrylic starter kit + the other bits and bobs like brushes, nail clipper, nail tips and nail buffers.

I love that you can paint the acrylics, just as you would normal nails, and remove it as well. It is slightly more hassle removing the nail polish properly from the acrylics (and uses more polish remover!) but the nail look lasts sooo much longer! It doesn’t chip or peel, all you have to do it make sure to keep an eye on the tips, you’ll wear the nail polish off here. I’ve filled mine in once myself since I had them put on, and I’ve had three different looks on them.

A matte black with a shiny edge. I love this look, but the matte polish wears off very quickly.

Rimmel Pro Matte Finish topcoat is one of my favourite nail polishes!


And half-moon diamond bling! I’m using proper cut glass crystals rather than plastic. I’ve never had any luck with plastic, but there are fantastic!


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