DIY Spice rack!

Since our kitchen has finally been done, its time to move on to other project’s that’s been waiting their turn. I absolutely hate clutter, no matter how tidy the clutter is, it doesn’t look it. So one of my missions with the new kitchen was get stuff off the sides. Get rid of the bottle rack (bottles can go either in the fridge or on top of it, store everything but the big things in the cupboards – like the cooking oil, washing up liquid and brushes etc. However, one thing the husband didn’t want to get rid of was the spice rack. *exasperated sigh* But then he came up with the brilliant idea of hanging it on a wall, that way it would be available to use yet out of the way. – So that’s what we did!

So I took my old, possibly skanky spice rack, hunted out the paint that was used for the kitchen walls and got painting.

First layer done, two to go!

Then I got my lovely hubby to hang it up on the wall

Now it looks much neater and tidier, and its out of my way. Plus I’ll probably be even more inspired to use it in my cooking : )


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