So with the new Twilight movie – Breaking Dawn part 2 out in only days to come, I find it’s been stirring up some old feelings. As a teenager I was a big fan of a lot of things. Like Harry Potter. I’m of the Harry Potter generation. The first book came out in 1997 – when I was only 7 years old and little did I know how how much I was to come to love this. I grew up with Harry, Ron and Hermione by my side, always patiently awaiting my letter from Hogwarts. I had every book, every film, went to every premiere, collected anything with Harry Potter on it and I even created my Harry Potter character – to play with my friends when we played Harry Potter RP games. We had loads of fun being “fans” of Harry Potter – we went to numerous “ques” to get tickets for premier’s and books.

Taken 17 June 2007 – we had slept in a que over night, so we were number 5 in line to buy the tickets to HP Order of the Phoenix. Good times!

At the premier of HP Order of the Phoenix

Me (and friends) at the Deathly Hallows book que. I was the 31st person in Oslo (capital city) that was allowed to purchase the final Harry Potter book! (2007)

My room was decorated like this for quite a few years *smiles* The other half of my room was Lord of the Rings themed. (I was 13-14 when i took this picture)

Then I was about 14 years old I found Lord of The Rings, in between Harry Potter of course. Funnily enough, for a long time I refused to have anything to do with LotR because I was afraid it would divert my attention from HP, but one day I dropped by my bff when she was watching LotR – and I was spelled. So again I started to save anything (and everything) that had to do with it. I made several scrapbooks of things dear to my heart, however looking back at it now I realize I had a hard time keeping actors and characters separate. I loved Legolas – so I collected everything about Orlando Bloom. Aragorn – Viggo Mortensen, and you can also tell by my bedroom wall that I had my head full of Daniel Radcliffe.

Here is a few pages out of my scrapbook, just to show you exactly how much of a Fan I was! (2004) I even cut out those little phone logo’s you could order for your phone!

I also collected all my cinema tickets (well when you pay £10 for them, you might as well keep them)

And yes, I had several scrapbooks for Harry Potter too

I spent hours writing all sorts of stuff down in these books.

I loved these scrapbooks like dear traesures – they were my outbursts of creativity and emotion, rather than explode, I poured all my devotion down into these books. My dad made several attempts at getting rid of them and get me to focus on school – however I always fished them out of the trash when he didnt look.

It was really good times and I have such a strong connection to these things. Which probably seems silly, but when you grow up with it, its bound to affect you in its own way. However, I started this post about Twilight, and as you probably guessed – after Lord of the Rings, came Twilight.

I read twilight for the first time when I was 16 and was sucked in. Twilight was my first step into a new world – where it was allowed to adore vampires. I’m a big fang-lover, 80% of books consists of vampire fiction (the list is endless) Not ever did I think that vampires were going to get so big. And before anyone says anything about “they sparkle” etc etc – Twilight is just one woman’s view of the many sides of vampirism – end of.

Top shelf is double stacked with just vampire fiction (I have to double stack all my book shels) This is from when I was re-organizing my book shelfs – I was going to blog about our amount of books, but never got around to it.

Anyway, now that the final Twilight film is coming out, I feel all those old feelings of obsession bubbling to the surface. I always said I’d never stop loving Harry Potter – and I havent, but I’ve moved on, so to speak. Also something I didnt anticipate back then as a hot headed 16-year old is that people grow up. I dont spent every breathing moment cutting out newspaper articles about Twilight – or the actors. It almost makes be a bit sad that I dont have the need to scream out to the world that “I am a Twilight fan!!!” – Like I used to with everything else. I want to collect posters and figurines, but I’ve realized I need to spend my money on more sensible things. *chuckles* Why did I have to grow up? I dont love HP, LotR or Twilight any less, but I’m perfectly fine with loving them just on the inside now, rather than on the outside too.

So all you worrying parents – Don’t spend every living moment fighting your crazy teen’s obsessions, it will pass. (in most cases. I was extreme – just ask my dad, but I made it out the other side)

But on a different note, I am super excited to go see Twilight! I got a girl date friday the 23rd and o m g, I’m so bubbling! I’ve watched everything I can come across on youtube, and I’m just getting more and more excited – to my husbands despair *giggles*


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