15 months!

Yes, my lovely little cub has reached 15 months old! He is now practicing his running (which is not going so well. Today hes managed to get two lovely bruises, one by falling over trying to run in the changing room at baby swimming, and the other he ran straight into the edge of the desk), hes also got another tooth, total number is now 11! And if that wasnt all, since last “month” post he’s said his first word, and he uses it all the time!


Yes – Cat. Or Gatt, as he says. Blame the Norwegian accent. He will excitedly point at either Boomer or Kimu when they walk by and say “Gat!” It could have been mum, or dadda or heya (he’s almost got that one), but it was cat. I suppose that says something about us *chuckles*

This past month we’ve been…

Having fun with balloons!

Playing with the large tiger at nanny’s!

Playing with paint with daddy at the toddler group

“Dad, the paint looks tasty..!”

Dad even gave Jake a lift so he could paint on the big canvas!

We’ve been going for chilly walks..

…but it was all fun, since we’re so good at it!

Jake might get his license before mum does!

And we’ve been playing silly with daddy!

Having fun drawing!

Wearing mummy’s jumper..

..and dad’s head torch!

Yes – we’ve been a perfect little gremlin this month!

May the next be just as perfect!


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