Black low lights!

I love my long hair, but gawd sometimes it drives me nuts. Like for example: I have to restrain my hair in one way or another during the night, or else I’ll wake up several times because my hair is trying to strangle me. Or, in this case – I have to buy at least three boxes of hair colouring to be able to fully cover my hair. Forget going to the hairdressers, can’t afford that!

Lately I’ve been watching my roots grow and grow. Last time I dyed my hair I tried to find a brown shade that was fairly  similar to my own, but the red I used for a few months before, came through so I was stuck with red. Now, red is not a bad shade – at all! I actually love it, but I’ve been dying my hair continuously for more or less four years now, and its getting a little old, to be honest. I’m not a great fan of my natural hair colour, but I dont really like having to keep dying my roots all the time either.

Picture take a few years ago, all natural hair colour here. Do ignore the retard picture of me, its the hair colour we’re looking at.

Its been about three months since last time I dyed my hair so my roots are about 2 inches now. They are almost long enough so it doesn’t look weird, but I’m looking at my hair in the mirror and see a mop. Great. So I’ve been wanting to change my hair up again, but dying my hair again almost feels like a chore or at least mayor hassle and gives me a severe headache thinking about doing. So what could I do to my hair that was both cheap and little hassle? Then I saw this lady with blonde hair and red low lights! Brilliant! Its simple, only takes one pack of hair dye AND probably wont get me covered in dye! (You have no idea how much hair dye you get on your arms, face etc. when your hair is waist long)

I picked up a cheap pack of raven black hair dye for £2.10 and spent about an hour from the dye touched my hair, till I finished drying it. And result?


Waiting 25 minutes with a mirror and a phone, makes you act like a dork.


Red (looking brown) and black!

Me, no make up and glasses, but I dont care, I got black low lights!

Not 100% how I feel about them yet, I need to see them in daylight, probably outside with coat, scarf and hat – and if I can see them then, then I’ll be happy : )


2 responses to “Black low lights!

  1. Hei!

    Takk for hyggelig kommentar hos meg!!! 🙂

    Sjakkrutene er holdbare i flere måneder i kakeboks. Helt vanlig norsk julekake. Jeg baker i begynnelsen av desember og de varer i allefall til i slutten av januar, hvis jeg har laget nok!!!

    Håper du får en fin førjulstid!

    • Fantastisk! Da gleder jeg meg til å bake! Jeg er sikker på at barna kommer til å syns de er gode! De er gode barndoms minner for meg!

      Takk selv for kommentar, det er alltid hyggelig! Og førjulstid til deg også! : )

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